Saturday, August 11, 2012

Water everywhere

It rained non-stop for about a week here in the Philippines, and Metro Manila was one of the hardest-hit.  My family was really lucky this time around because the flood waters didn't come into the house (unlike in 2009).  On a positive note, the water was also much cleaner now I guess because it was purely rainwater and not water that burst from the creeks and other waterways.  Our area gets flooded pretty often since it's pretty low, but we're used to water receding right away.  But since the rain just wouldn't stop, the water didn't recede.

Since most of the roads were flooded, many people (including myself) were unable to report to work from Tuesday to Thursday. The water rose 6 feet above the bridge I normally pass on my way to work.  Imagine that.

The weather bureau recently spotted another low pressure area and expects it to arrive on Monday.  We're all hoping it dissipates before it gets here.  We've had enough rain pouring over our heads.  I heard on CNN that the amount of rainfall dumped on us for the week was equivalent to about an entire month's regular amount of rainfall.  The rainy season just started.  I hope they can do something about the drainage systems to minimize flooding.

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