Saturday, September 08, 2012


Photo "borrowed" from the Bellini's Facebook Page

The boyfriend just lives a stone's throw away from Bellini's but never tried it before.  Last night, on an impromptu decision, we finally ticked this off our "One of these days..." list.

The focaccia with balsamic vinegar was really yummy, and super welcome as an appetizer because I was so hungry.  We also ordered some pasta and chicken.  Haha, I forgot to take any pictures as usual.  I really *should* remind myself.  It's okay though, there are a good number of blogs that have featured Bellini's over the years, so I am sure if you do an online search you'll find lots of reviews with photos.  :)

Bellini's is located in Cubao Expo.  If you're familiar with the Cubao area, it's somewhere behind Shopwise  Visit their Facebook Page.

Here are some other reviews you may want to check out:


neurospaceman said...

The dessert plus the sweet wine was a killer!

moonpool said...

Obama cake. So yummy.

gladzalwayshappy said...

Haven't eaten there since 2006.... Waaaaahhh wanna go back there someday... Hehehehe!!

moonpool said...

Tara, why don't we do lunch on a Saturday or something? :)