Sunday, May 04, 2008

When work makes you sick

My dear friend wysgal thought I should read this:

FOR Patty Mulcahy, it began with itchy eyes. They started to water two years ago when renovation began on the Midtown office building where she was working as an assistant at a television network. By the fifth day, after 30,000 square feet of new carpeting had been glued in place, the redness and swelling became unbearable. She ended up in the emergency room.

Over the next three months, she developed a bad cough. Doctors at first suspected pneumonia, but it worsened in spite of antibiotics. When she collapsed at her desk in October 2006, barely able to breathe, she learned she had what doctors call “occupational asthma.”

In other words, she was allergic to work.

Click HERE to read more on occupational asthma. :P

I doubt I have this though, because I was still feeling kind of sick this weekend even if I just stayed home to rest. What a bummer. I went boxing yesterday and I couldn't last the whole session - I got really dizzy midway. Augh, what a weakling!


Ton said...

is there such a thing as occupational paranoia.. being afraid of going to work? hehehe

moonpool said...

Hmmm... workaphobia? Hehe. What's a more scientific term for work? :P

gladzalwayshappy said...

ah you guys just need a long big break... like a vacation to paradise!! =)

moonpool said...

Sana puwedeng 4-day work week na lang... I wanna work in France para I get 5 weeks off per annum. HEHE!

Ton said...


Ton said...

oops.. here's my full comment


well, i actually just came from a holiday but it was only about 2 weeks long and it was filled with chores so i didn't feel it very much plus the fact that i was moving to another country.

ric, we get 30 working days off here. tapos pag ramadan daw either walang ginagawa or people just work for around 6 hours.. actually, ngayon nga i go to work at 830ish, you know naman im always late sa work, and then go home at 430 to 5. but you also know im super productive. haha

grabe nga some people go home at 4.. but that's actually allowed.. i mean you should render 8 hours, technically pasok kasi is 730..

moonpool said...

Wow, really? It would be cool when the boys finally get to transfer there... you'll be able to spend more time with them noh? :)

I therefore conclude we should all work away from the Philippines because they overwork us here. LOL. As if...