Tuesday, April 29, 2008

sickly child


I'm going to start using an inhaler. Though I haven't developed asthma, my doctor thinks I may have developed some allergic reaction (possibly to dust) which is causing my throat muscles to totally spasm. He's also given me some anti-allergy medicine. Sigh.

After my long break from work, I am going back tomorrow. Will they still remember me? LOL.


kae said...

Inhaler-users of the world unite! Don't feel bad ericka, i still use mine :)

moonpool said...

Hehe! I guess it's just weird because I'm so old na and all these sicknesses are surfacing! :P I mean, what's up??? :S

Lei said...

gimme some of those drugs! lol.

Ton said...

asthmatics suck..

suck ventolin that is..


moonpool said...