Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day, sick day

I went home early yesterday (around 3:30pm) because I really wasn't feeling well. My cough just totally hurt and I felt feverish (though nothing registered on the thermometer). And since I couldn't really do anything except slump on my desk and feel sick (I could hardly think), I decided to head home.

I was also on sick leave today because I still wasn't feeling so great when I got up this morning. But after a lot of tiny naps, herbal tea, and lots of liquid, I feel much better.

Although as I compose this entry I am sneezing uncontrollably and my nose is all runny. Yuck. But of course, I would much rather have a cold than be sick.

It all started as I walked back to the office from the client's office which is also along Ayala. I attribute it to the extreme temperature exposure outside and inside office buildings.

I'm sorry, Earth, but I'm going to need to use a whole lot of tissue for this cold...


tina said...

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Ton said...

aha! you've been too close to your girlfriend.. you both got the floozy..