Sunday, July 08, 2007

sick + Saturday + home = not fun

I had such a terrible headache and a slight fever yesterday. All my weekend plans came tumbling down!!! Boohoo.

Wednesday to Friday nights were spend mostly in the office finishing some stuff up (Bummer). No wonder I had no energy to go anywhere on Friday evening! My body was really telling me to rest.

Oh well, so the ENTIRE DAY was spent lying in bed.

I'm still not feeling so great, and it's annoying that this all happened on what was supposed to be a lucky day (070707). Hmph. :S


lei said...

speaking of 070707, na-sold out sa mga lotto stations ang number na yan. hahaha. and i saw in some u.s. news channel that so many couples went and got married on that day. bwehehhe

gladzalwayshappy said...

yyyuuuhhh!!! my officemate just got married last saturday... 07.07.07 para daw luuccckkkeehhyyy...

and also nikki valdez got married 07.07.07 @ 7pm... o san ka pa... syoowwwbbeeezzzz!!!