Friday, July 13, 2007

early birdy


Wow, it's so quiet... I guess being in the office really early is not so bad. I'm really tired though, because we went home late last night. Ho well...

So where's my worm? I want my worm, dammit.

I got sick again this week. :( I was on sick leave on Tuesday, my joints hurt really bad, I felt like a grandmama.

Photo above was grabbed from Savage Chickens. Cute stuff.


gladzalwayshappy said...

hay nku i just got sick today!!! i took a half-day off at work... di ko na carry!! i felt light headed, i was kinda burning na and my colds were driving me nuts.

this morning, while you were early at work i went to los banos this with colds na and it got worse pa.

apparently, pollens were everywhere (coz nasa gitna kasi siya ng UPLB so aside from the flowers, there were trees, crops and a lot more) and so the allergies attack conquered my morning. shhyyeett ano toh?? allergic din ba ako sa nature??

but in fairness, it will be nice if you work there at that area... fresh air, range of mountains everywhere, tall trees... wow nature at its fines... just gimme those anti-histamine pills and will instantly pop 'em na!

wysgal said...

Hope you feel better soon! =)

moonpool said...

Thankies. I think it's all good... I went boxing yesterday and I finished my session. Hehe. :D

eggy said...

glads, rich ass ka tlaga you can't survive the wild.. pollens palang inaallergy ka na hahahaha.. rich ass!!