Thursday, May 04, 2006

Do I need a license to carry one?

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Yesterday my daddy bought me a can of Mace spray. It's in my bag now. I hope I'm never going to have to use it. Pretty expensive, at over 600 bucks. He saw it at True Value and he really wanted to buy it for me. I should have it daw whenever I drive alone. I guess it was very sweet of him, but it was a bit funny also.

According to the package, it can reach up to 12 feet away. Wow. It also said "Shield face when spraying into strong wind." It's also specially designed so you don't have to fumble when you need to spray it into someone's eyes right away. Hehe.

Do I need a license to carry one? Hmmm... Someone told me that he heard that you need a license for this... Does anyone know anything about this? Enlighten me please. :)


wysgal said...

Mace is illegal in the state of New York. They only allow Pepper Spray.

In the Philippines, it's unlikely there are any strict regulations on carrying MACE.

moonpool said...

HEHE! I guess you're probably right... :D

eggy said...

i see very interesting.. btw, i have a license for my fists. connect? Haha