Sunday, April 30, 2006

wedding, wedding

Yesterday was my first ever secondary sponsorship (if there is such a term). My former officemate invited me to her wedding and asked me to play an important part. There were two pairs of us in charge of the veil - the other pair put it on, and I was in the pair that removed it after communion. Bishop Soc Villegas officiated, and I've always enjoyed his homilies when he was still in charge of the EDSA Shrine and Poveda.

It was simple, but elegant. I really enjoyed myself even if I didn't really know that many people there.

The reception was at Crowne Plaza. I liked the place a lot, and they were able to make it look really spacious by using a lot of white paint inside the structure. I think I like it better than the Holiday Inn hotel (which is also connected to Robinson's Galleria) because it's so much brighter and happier. Holiday Inn is a bit gloomy. At the reception, other former officemates were there, including he-who-shall-not-be-named. LOL.

The food was pretty good, but I couldn't eat as much as I wanted!!! My dress was corset-like with a skeleton (?) or whatever you call those things and I couldn't stuff myself with all the salmon I wanted. Boo! No wonder people in the past were so skinny!

I'm so happy for her and I really hope everything works out for them. :)

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