Thursday, April 27, 2006


The other day was my last day with one of my students. Super cute little girl, her dad is an American and her mom is Filipina. I helped her prepare for first grade. They just left for America, and they will be staying in Florida for the next 3 years. Hopefully I come across them when I start teaching...

Yup, all systems are go. I just really hope I pass the exams! Otherwise I'm probably going to teach here for a year then have another go at the test. If ever, I think I'm going to get low in the American History and the Professional Teaching Knowledge portions of the examinations...

Yesterday I spent the evening with the boyfriend and his family at Red Box in Greenbelt. Boy, does my throat hurt today! Hehe. I love videoke, don't you???

I've been on a diet all week (Well, I kinda broke it last night though...). Soup and salad only for dinner. It's so hard! But I must do it because I'm attending a wedding on Saturday (I'm a minor sponsor) and I don't want to pop out of my dress. That would simply be too embarrasing. Stupid corset-ey dress!

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