Monday, May 08, 2006

it pays

I just heard about this recently... (Supposedly, this took place in one of SM Megamall's parking buildings. True or not, I love it!)

There was a lady driving her Mercedes Benz waiting for a car to move out of its parking slot so that she could then take its place. But as soon as the other car got out, some guy driving a Honda Civic cut her and stole the slot. The lady got down to argue with the guy.

He said: "Lady, in this world, it pays to be fast."

The lady silently walked away and got back into her car. She backed up and hit the Civic, head on. She backed up again, hit the car again. Perhaps she did this around ten times. Then she got out of her car, approached the driver of the Civic, threw a business card at him, and said:

"In this world, it pays to be rich. You can call my lawyer."


Don't you hate people who steal parking slots? I remember one time someone did that to the boyfriend so we put the car's wipers up and changed the alignment of and folded the side mirrors. Teehee. I was tempted to scratch the car, but I guess that would have been too much...


lei said...

hey i've read this somewhere but i can't remember where.. ;) i have a friend who threw a big rock to the side of the car of this dude she used to date... okay that's not really related to your post.. lol

moonpool said...

Wow, she must've been really mad at him, huh? HEHE!

eggy said...

ah yeah i read that too in one of the comic strips of manila bulletin. . who in their right minds use their benz to hit a measley civic? LOL. she could've used a tank of gas and lighter dba? hehe cheaper. .cars have feelings ya know hehe..