Monday, December 19, 2005

Well, well...

I had two letters ready today:
1. formal request that amendments be made to my contract, specifically the term of my employment
2. resignation letter (in case they wouldn't honor my request above)

Okay, so I handed in my request letter...

Sup: What's this about?
Me: I would like to request that my contract be changed from 12 weeks to 6 weeks.
Sup: You can't do that. It would be a breach of contract.
Me: I thought it was mentioned during our training that we could cut our contract short and just get half of the bonus... (There's a completion bonus at the end of the term.)
Sup: No. If you want to leave then you're going to have to resign.
Me: (with a big smile on my face) Okay!
Sup: (Pauses.) Why do you want to cut the contract?
Me: I'm going abroad with my family (kunwari lang - para malaman niya na hindi ko kailangan pera niya 'noh) and we're planning to leave this February.
Sup: Oh... Okay, just stay until the 20th of January to finish with your student then we can talk later on about how much of the bonus you might be able to get.

Takot ka ano? Ayan, ang yabang mo kasi eh!

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