Thursday, December 15, 2005

a slow and painful process

Wow, teaching English requires a whole new level of patience!!! I only have one student for now, the other one will be arriving next week - but I get tired at the end of my four hours in Ortigas! The rest of the time I just help editing lesson plans and curriculi.

Although my student is relatively more advanced than others, he still has difficulty expressing himself in complete sentences. It's so difficult trying to help him complete his sentences - and sometimes I feel like I don't really understand him completely. :P But I think he's a really good student because he really listens and remembers what you tell him. And you can tell that he works very hard. If I understood him correctly, he paid for the program on his own by saving up money - so every minute really does count for him.

My only complaint is that I'm not being paid enough for this hard work. :S But I'm super glad I'm only there on a part-time basis. I cannot imagine having to teach all day - I'd probably keel over from exhaustion!

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