Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sana Maulit Muli

It's my favorite Pinoy movie of all time. It's kinda baduy, but I love it anyway. Bwahaha, super kilig watching Aga Muhlach ang Lea Salonga together! LOL. Basta, in my heart, sila pa rin ang bagay. Hahaha! I just saw it again some time ago on Cinema One... and I decided to confess how much I really like this movie.


I just had my training at WELS Academy (the Korean English tutorial center), and so far it looks good. All the books are complete and there are lesson plans ready for us - and we're basically allowed to use whatever teaching style we deem fit for each of the students. Classes start on Monday, and I'm pretty excited about that. My contract lasts for 3 months, and there's a chance of being hired as a regular employee if they really like you. Let's see what happens...

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