Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I just got myself a copy yesterday of this tribute to the Eraserheads. Album launch is on November 29 at the UP theater... Oh wait, that's today. Tickets are sold out, they were for sale at Jam 88.3. Here is the list of tracks:

Alapaap - 6CycleMind
Magasin - Paolo Santos (Hmmm... kulang sa angst. Hehe.)
Spoliarium - Imago (I LOVE this. But I'm an Imago fan, so I'm biased.)
Overdrive - Barbie Almalbis (Weird. Parang hindi bagay. I can't really imagine her driving around and singing this song.)
With A Smile - South Border (I actually like this. I didn't think I would because I'm not a big South Border fan.)
Tikman - Sugarfree
Ligaya - Kitchie Nadal (Weird also. She laughs at the part where shaving is mentioned.)
Torpedo - Isha
Superproxy2K6 - Francis M (I thought he was going to be a rap, but I was very wrong. This is one of the better songs.)
Huwag Kang Matakot - Orange and Lemons (Bagay.)
Pare Ko - Spongecola
Huwag Mo Nang Itanong - MYMP
Hard To Believe - Cueshe
Alcohol - Radioactive Sago Project (I like them...)
Maling Akala - Brownman Revival (I think we're all familiar with this.)
Ang Huling El Bimbo - Rico J Puno (I dunno why Tom Jones came to mind as I listened to this song.)
Para Sa Masa - Various Artists

In general, I like this album. I think it would be best not to look at the artists first, just listen to everything... :)

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wysgal said...

0n second thought maybe you should burn me a copy ... shame on me for not buying it but strangely I don't like buying CDs anymore because I load everything onto my iPod anyway. =)

moonpool said...

alrighty! will give it to you on sunday :) see ya!

a9828 said...

got a copy for myself yesterday and i must say that it's actually good. some comments: barbie dein bagay sa song; with a smile is surprisingly ok (pero parang mas bagay kay rico blanco); kitchie parang kinukulang ng hininga parati; francism champion; magasin sana si bamboo na lang; hard to believe cueshe sang hard to believe (someone kill that gay band pls); alcohol is good; finally, rico j (ang puno ng kabastusan) could've also sang magasin (actually bagay sa kanya hahaha)

a9828 said...

trivia: did you know that tikman was actually done for a burger machine commercial?

moonpool said...

yah! i was actually thinking of jollibee... it was for a burger nga or some sandwich (tikman). ok 'yung album 'noh?

wys, i'll give you your copy on picnic day! :)

Duke said...

ahh you like imago pala... the vocalist aya de leon is an old highschool classmate and friend.

moonpool said...

me and my friends are big fans! :D