Sunday, November 27, 2005


I haven't watched a Rep play in ages. Since my niece had to watch Man of La Mancha for school, I accompanied her.

I don't like On Stage at Greenbelt. It's hot. I miss the theater in Shangri-la. It was smaller, but for some reason I was attached to that particular Rep venue.

I enjoyed the play a lot. I don't know who played the role of Dulcinea/Aldonza, but I thought she was really good.

Ah, Oprah is such a lucky woman... Orlanda Bloom and Matthew Fox in one show! Ooh la la!!! She gets to beso them! Oh yeah, and she's filthy rich nga pala.

Please pray for the boyfriend. Operation tomorrow. I hope all goes well and recovery is quick and easy.

Hooray for working folk! Tomorrow is an extra day to celebrate what we call a weekend. :)


wysgal said...

Aldonza was Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, star of many a Repertory production. =)

moonpool said...

Ah, coolness. I haven't watched a Rep play in ages... and I was sitting pretty far away. La la... Thanks for the info. :)