Friday, September 05, 2003

bad traffic

Bad, bad traffic! Arg, had to go to Shaw Boulevard to deliver a proposal yesterday afternoon. Missed the cutoff for sending stuff via the messenger, and my boss kinda asked me to hand-deliver the proposal to make sure it got to the client on the same day. Bummer. Good thing the car was available. You know me, the girl who doesn't have a clue about commuting. Did I mention that I recently walked a good portion of Ayala Avenue to deliver a proposal because I have no idea how to ride a bus? Harhar. Oh well, at least I got some exercise out of it... my office shoes killed my feet though. :P


Taebo was fun as usual. Our instructor's name is Connie, she's really nice. She's been teaching for only a year but she's really good. She really reminds me of A.J. Mmmm... She has nice skin, she's sexy, she has a very pleasant face. I think I have a crush on her. :) Hihi.

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