Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Mars attacks

Well, I was expecting to see a RED star, it just looked kinda normal when I saw it. But when I looked all around, it was the brightest star, it wasn't even twinkling. *Sigh* I miss stargazing. It's fun when you're lying down on a mat on the beach, watching out for shooting stars and making wishes.

Darn, we don't have a telescope. And well, everyone probably flocked to the UP observatory since it seems to be the only high-powered telescope that can be used until after 9 pm and that everyone has access to.

But we still have a couple more months (or days, depending on who I hear it from) to stare at Mars.

My sister and I were staring at Mars a while ago and we were thinking "Hey, great, Mars just missed Earth by a couple of million miles." Well, it's true isn't it? Hahaha. All these Armageddon-Deep Impact movies talaga. Hehehe. But well, it really IS possible for planets to collide. At least I'll probably be dead by then. :P Good luck, future.

business card

Teehee. The little babaw me is so happy because I got my business cards today. Hehe. I feel so... important. Nyek.

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