Sunday, July 20, 2003

on a high

The Duncan Sheik concert was pretty good. I had no idea it was an acoustic concert though, so everyone was just sitting down. Paolo Santos and these two guys from Stephen Speaks played some songs before Duncan came out.

It's the first time I ever saw Paolo Santos. Uhm, yup, he's not exactly attractive looking. He played Jason Mraz's Sleep All Day. His songs sound just like Jason Mraz's, parang he just uses the same chords. Oh well. He also played that Close-up song.

The Stephen Speaks guys (Rockwell Ryan and Dain Ryan - or at least I think those are their names) played Passenger Seat, yuck. Then the guy was saying hello to some girl named "Amy" and I'm thinking he was referring to Amy Perez or something because she's in a soap opera daw. Then before playing this other song he kept saying na sana Carl Marx won't get mad at him for singing the song, then someone from the crowd shouts "Richard Marx!" and he goes "Now I feel really stupid." Yup, that was pretty dumb. For a minute or so people thought it was a song with Marxist undertones. Haha. They also played Britney Spear's Baby, One More Time, which was hilarious. The weirdest part was when he told everyone to sing along with the chorus because he was sure we all knew it... so he starts singing... and when he gets to the chorus... "Sunshine.... my only sunshine... you make me happy when skies are grey" I burst out laughing... Tipong, what the hell?

I was kinda disappointed to see Duncan Sheik because his hair was long and kinda messy and he gained weight. His album cover looks a whole lot better.

It was cool because in between songs someone shouted "Wonderwall!" and Duncan Sheik actually played it. He also played Fake Plastic Trees at one point. Of course the last two songs played were On A High and Barely Breathing. When On A High started playing it was nice because people started standing up and moving to the beat.

Although cameras were not allowed, people snuck in their tiny digital cameras. And of course people had their phones with built in cameras. Kakahiya, towards the end of the show one or two guys went up stage, positioned their phones in front of Duncan Sheik's face, and took his picture. Hay nako, walang modo. The bouncer should have beaten them up talaga.

In between songs people were shouting things like "Hey, Duncs!" "I love you!" "Pogi!" Hahaha. It was kinda amusing. Haha. A guy even said "I love you," in really squatter fashion... it came out more like "Ilabyu!"

Hehehe. A few seats beside me there was this girl who looked familiar. Duh, it was Maui Taylor pala.

It was a fun night. And I didn't get physically injured anything for the first time watching a concert. :P

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