Tuesday, July 22, 2003

obstacle course

I started driving alone for the first time yesterday! Whoopee! It wasn't so bad, and I left the house early to beat the morning rush.

This morning I drove to work too. I was so scared because I passed quite a number of flooded areas on the way home. I left work 15 minutes early nga eh. Haha, I was also late for work by 15 minutes because the parking scheme at the parking lot is so weird and madaya... If you park at 7:50, you still pay for the 7:00 to 8:00 am! Hassle 'no???

Funny also because my dad was forced to let me drive on my own. My siblings were finally able to convince him that it would be for his own good too, since he brings my niece to and from school. Our driver left us on Saturday because his old boss called him up. But I think it had something to do with my mom's pestering ever since she found out that our driver had three (3) or more mistresses. She felt bad kasi for the wife who used to call here looking for her husband...

Well, I get to drive three times a week because the car is bawal on Fridays and on Wednesdays, my dad's car is bawal so he needs to use this one.

Gah, I drove for an hour an a half today. Stupid storm! Kung wala lang talagang baha sa Pilipinas, okey na eh!

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