Sunday, February 03, 2013


As I begin to encounter the various issues in the workplace, it really highlights the importance of communication.  In most, if not all cases, many of the existing issues wouldn't even have become issues if the right communication channels were just used by the people involved.  And well, it's not as if everyone always exercises the right amount of tact which is also why we should be very careful in the way we deliver certain messages.

This also applies to my personal life.  Recently the boyfriend and I encountered some communication issues but luckily we were able to resolve them quickly.  I'm really glad I found me a guy who knows how to listen. :)  The past weeks were really tough with him being miles away, but we've already been able to adjust - and he's learned how to be more communicative - which entailed a huge effort from a highly introverted individual.

I'm not saying I'm the perfect communicator.  But I'd like to think that I've learned to listen more too.  Because, well, it's a two-way thing.


And since Valentine's is just around the corner, I think we should definitely communicate how we feel with the people who matter most.  I have no idea where January went, it just breezed by - suddenly it's February.  :)


Leah said...

Issuessss.. (Ton voice). Wala lang. :P

Glad you guys resolved them issues quickly.

Advanced happy Valentine's. :)

moonpool said...

I love that he really listens and makes an effort. :)

Advanced Happy V-Day! See you Friday?

eggy said...


moonpool said...

What are you talking about?