Sunday, December 16, 2012


Since the boyfriend flew to the U.S. at the start of the month, Viber has been our main communication channel.  Unfortunately, the time difference doesn't really give us enough time to do the whole video chat thing, so it only really happens on weekends.

For some reason, Viber does not use up as much battery juice as the other instant messaging apps I've tried on my Android.  Plus, it doesn't require the "background data traffic" function running (which also uses up a lot of juice).  I absolutely love it.  I get to chat with my brother in the US too!  I especially like the picture-sharing feature, which can be likened to what the Blackberry users have been enjoying via the BBM (Blackberry Messenger).  Whether you're an Android, iPhone, or Blackberry user - I highly suggest you take a look at this app.

Call quality depends on the internet connection.  They say quality is excellent if both parties are using a high-speed connection.

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