Tuesday, November 02, 2010

undocumented achievement

My brother-in-law has had his wakeboard for quite some time now and I never got around to trying it out... I finally did this weekend though.

I amazed myself (and everyone else) because I was able to stand up assisted on the first try. The second time my instructor didn't push the board sideways to assist me anymore, and I was still able to stand up. On my fourth try I was able to make two and a half rounds. Woot!

I always thought wakeboarding required a lot of upper body strength, but I was wrong. You need strong legs for it. Apparently you're doing it wrong if you're relying solely on your upper arms.

My body hurts, but at least I have bragging rights. Hihi. I need to do it again and someone better take me doing it too! LOL.

Oh, and yes, my brother-in-law said I didn't quite "wakeboard" and just "boarded" because I didn't catch any wakes. Fine. I guess that will be my next lesson.


Lei said...

So ano yung two and a half rounds if you didn't catch any wakes? :P

moonpool said...

Hehe, ikot-ikot lang in the same direction. May wake na 'yun if he changed direction. :D

gladzalwayshappy said...