Wednesday, October 27, 2010

International Film Festival Mania

Yesterday, my niece and I caught Cosi e la Vita (Such is Life), one of the featured films of the Italian Film Festival at the Shangri-la Plaza mall. Not bad, it was actually pretty funny.

As we were walking out of Cosi e la Vita, someone approached us and asked us if we had time for another movie. Last night, the Korean Horror Film Fest launched with Epitaph. The first movie is usually by invitation only, and we were lucky enough that there were extra seats. That kid in Epitaph was a really good actress. Very convincing. I'm a horror movie fan and it did not disappoint.

These film festivals are free. They release tickets an hour before the movie (just enough based on the number of seats available in the theater). Line up for those at least an hour and thirty minutes before the actual movie schedule. Then line up again about 30 minutes before the movie starts so you can sit together (especially if you're in a group).


Lei said...

Cool! Free invite. :P Bakit may bayad yung film fests sa Greenbelt? LOL.

moonpool said...

Hehe. I've no idea... May bayad rin daw sa Galleria. :D Sana they keep these film festivals at Shangri-la Plaza mall free forevah!