Wednesday, July 01, 2009


My dad recently bought himself a brand new Honda City. He read something about the radio having an adapter for an iPod and almost bought himself an iPod... When I checked it out though, I found out that a USB drive could be plugged directly into the radio and it would read the songs directly from the USB. So much money saved then...

So far I've downloaded him about 40 songs but he can't have enough of his favorite oldies songs. I'm so glad I found the other day because it's really made my life MUCH easier.

Funny, my dad was just staring at the USB for the longest time the other day...

"Wow, technology is amazing. During my day we had these huge records that could only fit in 6 songs per side... And now I can have thousands of songs in this tiny thing."

The look on his face was simply amazing. Too bad I don't have a photo. :S

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