Sunday, December 21, 2008

29... and counting!

I didn't really do anything particularly special yesterday, but I just really felt great - no birthday blues. Some birthdays past I'd suddenly get semi-depressed towards the end of the day thinking about where my life has gone, where it is, and where it's going. Sure, there's a lot of uncertainty, but I think things have finally stabilized somehow. Does it come with age? LOL. How cool then that I can say I felt something special on a birthday. Maybe this is how it feels to be 29. Bwahaha!

So there, nothing really special. Just watched my niece's little concert thing for school at the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines), had dinner with my family at the Intercon Jeepney Deli, and watched a movie with the boyfriend.

One thing though, I'm really thankful my birthday didn't fall on a work-day this year. Yesterday was nice and relaxing. :)

My tummy was a bit weird after dinner though... I wonder what triggered it. Oh well, no use dwelling on it. :S


gladzalwayshappy said...

shyucks bente nueve! hhahahahahaa!! don't worry, you can subtract the 20 part... mukha ka paring 9 years old... hehehehe!! happy birthday girl!

moonpool said...

Sobra ka naman, 9 years old... Wag ka, asenso na ko... hindi na ako natatanong ng clients kung kailan ako nag-graduate. I guess the makeup and heels help. LOL.

Lei said...

happy bday! :)

i like quiet bdays.

rach said...

wow! belated happy birthday! don't worry.. you don't look 29 at all.

good for you it fell on a weekend. I spent mine while on an out of town assignment.

moonpool said...

Thanks Rach! Yup, really thankful it fell on a weekend. I think it made all the difference, really. Hehe. :)

Happy Holidays!

chitterch** said...

29 din ako next year :) oh, you mean 29 ka this year. haha. shit lapit na mag-apply sa atin yung joke. "La ka na sa kalendaryo" hehe

moonpool said...