Wednesday, December 19, 2007

birthday + christmas gift

Sometimes, joint gifts aren't so bad after all.


The boyfriend and I spotted this beauty at the mall selling for only 18,000 pesos. It's called an Asus Eee PC (Easy to learn, work, and play; Excellent internet experience; Excellent on-the-go). I thought it was like super expensive, and we kept asking the salesperson if he was sure that is was eighteen and not eighty thousand (Haha, that was funny).

I told my parents about it, and they are going to buy me one. (This was of course totally unexpected, as I was considering purchasing one with my own money.) Whoopee! Just waiting till the Christmas season is over because an 8Gb one will be out soon. Yay! It's recommended as a second unit only. It's not for everyone, but I think it's perfect for me since I have small fingers. LOL.

I've been so busy. I even had a breakdown the other day and cried to one of our Managers. How embarrassing. Ah, the stress... But it shall all be over soon. I even missed my good friend's birthday-costume party because I had the work all Saturday. Boo work.


wysgal said...

Boo indeed. But Christmas is coming ... see you soon! =)

moonpool said...

Yup, see you! Yay!!! :D