Thursday, May 18, 2006

bad reviews for Da Vinci film

Da Vinci Code opened the Cannes film festival yesterday and didn't receive much praise. I suppose people were expecting a lot more given all the hype. I'm still really curious though even if people say it's boring. Hehe.

Read this review from the New York Times online.

The picture above was taken from the New York Times website.


lei said...

a lot of people who haven't read the book are watching because of all the controversy... ayun tuloy. ;)

and i heard they're talking about banning the film in manila or stopping its showing?? goodness.

polpot said...

naka-ban na nga sya sa manila ngayon. don't they know that the more they keep instituting measures like this, the more they're going to encourage people to watch the movie?ü

I've read the book and personally, I am curious at how it will come out sa movie. Might go watch it sometime this week..ü