Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Takeshi's Castle!!!

This was one of the best game shows ever!!!!! Hahaha. It ran for three years in Japan, I wonder where we can get copies of all the episodes. Laugh trip talaga!

Check out these links:

- Information from Answers.com
- Includes a COMPLETE list of all the games!

Takeshi's Castle Online
- dedicated to this wonderful show
- Takeshi's Castle Games!!!
- Which Takeshi's Castle character are you?



Duke said...

lol! takeshi's castle! I used to love this show :D

a9828 said...

i have some takeshi's castle episodes on vcds... kaya lang `eto na `yung british version (some dude commenting the whole time) pero laugh trip pa rin naman.... you can copy them if you want

moonpool said...

yay! me want copy! :D

Anonymous said...

search torrentspy for MXC (most extreme challenge). you can download 3 seasons dubbed in engrish, without the final castle scenes though.


Gabriel said...

hi moon pool :) planning to watch any spanish films?

moonpool said...

thanks domokun :) sorry gab, i'm just a poor girl who watches films for free. LOL.