Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sorry, it's an ugly picture. Anyway, the cakes here are really yummy. It's near Cinema 1...


Gabriel said...

hi :)
i haven't checked this place nor little john's out yet..

i'd do so when i go up this year :)

re: kubong sawali
cheaper than the beer offered in the food court? :) i found that they were serving it there really funny but appropraiate baguio is a cold place so beer would be great... when i tried to photograph the stand some guards stopped me :( but i found a way eventually :)

SM Baguio is my favorite SM

i also photographed the Jolliwood on the way up :)

btw did you go to Salud?
That is hands down my favorite place in the city :)

moonpool said...

No, I didn't go to Salud... what's that? I was with my parents, so I didn't really go around. All I did was meet up with my blockmate who lives in Baguio... :P

Yes, it is a really cool SM!

Well, I didn't check out how much beer was at the foodcourt because I didn't even know that they served beer there. :P

Little John's is owned by Flavier's son daw. It's in Camp John Hay, near Mile Hi. There's a nice view pa from there.


jo said...

looks like you had yourself a nice little baguio retreat, dear. yey. and i like those new shoes! let's break them in (if they're not already broken in)!!

yahooo, see you wed.

moonpool said...

thanks thanks! i used them na saturday! hehehe... but i need to get used to them... :P