Thursday, May 05, 2005

wisdom of the teeth

Wanna hear something weird? One of my wisdom teeth is erupting. Just now. First wisdom tooth at 25. I noticed it Tuesday... I have 28 teeth total as of today... The dentist said some people don't grow any wisdom teeth at all, or they come out at a later age... Dalaga ka na, hindi na bata... Bwahaha. So bring me wisdom, dammit.


Yes, so I am an unhappy worker. It's so hard to work for a super traditional boss. *Sigh*

Symptoms of Work Dissatisfaction:
- As the weekend draws to an end, you wake up every hour on the hour with the sick feeling in your stomach that you're going back to work again
- Your face gets all pimply
- You fall asleep even while watching your favorite show
- You spend hours staring blankly into the monitor, pondering on the meaning of life or Laborem Exercens
- You blog about it

Hahaha. I'm going crazy...

Nako, ano ba 'yan, job hopping!?! At least I'm lasting longer than I did at Alabang. :P

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