Monday, April 25, 2005

tomato kid

I will never forget the cute square backpack I had when I was younger... too bad I can't find it anymore! I really loved that bag. It was bright red and the entire front part was the flap. There was this big tomato with the words "I'm a tomato kid" written in front. I really am a tomato kid right now. Went to the beach with my sister and her family and I fell asleep for a while under the sun. So now my face and shoulders are really painful and red... Hehe!


The Moony concert was super bitin. She only sang 5 songs. She came out at around midnight already... Hay... Oh well, at least I got to see people I haven't seen in ages. And Moony's an extremely good singer naman... too bad the stupid mic conked out at the start... nako, the organizers didn't even have a spare mic ready... All in all though, it was fun seeing all those people and being so talkative. Whoopee!

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