Thursday, March 03, 2005

Unforgetful You

Last night I was so ticked off because the boyfriend called me up saying that he had free tickets to Jars of Clay and I was working my ass off on this evaluation form they needed today... All of a sudden, the boss tells me I'm off the hook because the client decided to create it themselves. I literally ran out of the office and zoomed through South Superhighway (it only took me 30 minutes) to get home. [My dad allows me to go out after office on the condition that I go home first then ask the driver to take me there (security reasons and all).]

I got to Araneta at around 915 (it took me longer to get to Araneta from my house, sheesh). It was too bad we missed the first 15 minutes, but I was really glad I made it.

This guy was called on stage with his girlfriend and they sang Unforgetful You really badly. But I forgave the guy because it was all part of a greater scheme and after the horrible singing he proposed marriage to his girlfriend of 10 years. I thought it was really sweet.

I loved it when they sang Flood! Lots of fun. When people brought out their cellphones, I remembered the Corrs concert, because the same thing happened when they sang their slower songs.

The concert was fun. Kinda bitin, but fun.

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