Friday, February 04, 2005

Almost a week-long workshop

Was in Makati all week, but was really busy. Wednesday night we even had to go back to Alabang to finish the participant kits for Thursday. Our speaker is a bit difficult to deal with, he keeps thinking about adding and deleting things at the last minute. Got home at 1130 na that night. But okey lang, he gave us chocolates naman. Duh, babaw ko 'no?

I think I know why I get so depressed at the office. There's a lot of backbiting going on, and I really don't like it... sometimes it's so difficult to distinguish who's being plastic and who's not. And everyone has to be nice to everyone else because it's such a small group. How sad 'no, there are three different factions in a group of 14 people. Puwede pala 'yon.

Well whatever, don't care about that right now... going to Laguna tomorrow. Yahoo!!!! :D

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