Sunday, January 30, 2005

Intramuros Brunch

My high school friends and I had to find out the painful way that they do not serve breakfast in Intramuros. Aside from Starbucks, ChowKing, and Jollibee, the authentic restos there don't open till about 11. So we ended up at Aristocrat on Roxas for a quick bite and then had lunch at Barbara's (near San Agustin Church, in the building of Casa Manila).

I love San Agustin Church. It's not quite as big as I remember it, but I still like it the same. And the garden is just the perfect place for a wedding reception.

I've been feeling sick since the end of last week. There was a party at the boyfriend's house yesterday, but I just ended up sleeping all night because I was not feeling well. *Sigh*

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