Sunday, January 16, 2005

safety in numbers

Yesterday morning my dad went to inquire about prices for darker shades of window tint. The 'rents were thinking about having one-way tint installed.

Hahaha, my mom was thinking about buying a life-size stuffed toy so that it will always look like I have someone beside me. I found that really funny. I think I'll get a moving dummy. Lol. :P

Yesterday the boyfriend and I hung out with some of his students. They had a party because some of them are headed abroad next semester. Hmm... I wonder if teaching is really for me and when I should do that. My plan is to teach after working for 10 years or more... but well, I'm so confused right now.

I think my new work is more of marketing than HR-related. It's not really for me. But well, it's not so bad... One thing's for sure though - I need to work in a place that's more populated than Alabang after this... It's too quiet. I really though I was more of an introvert, but I guess I was wrong...

February 9 is a special working holiday, folks. More pay for us! :)

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