Saturday, January 15, 2005

first gimmick

Had dinner and a beer with the new officemates. Wow, I reached Las Pinas. Lol. Haha, I had to ask someone to park my car because it was along a busy street and that was just too much of a challenge for me - I simply had to pass. :P Although it is a bit unfair that I just get to gimmick in Alabang and not anywhere else, I guess I understand... my dad just doesn't want me driving around all by my lonesome.

We ate at this place called Tempura. Super trying to copy Teriyaki Boy! Haha. After Tempura we went to some place called Marbles in Las Pinas. Sayang - there weren't any tables available so we weren't able to play billiards.

Lalala... I'm sleepy now. Can't wait for tomorrow - date with the boyfriend. Yehey!

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