Monday, October 18, 2004

shock me back to work plus a string of bad luck

On my first day back at work, the entire month has been scheduled for me and jampacked with stuff to do with three projects simultaneously running (as I attempt to run after them as best as I could). And I am absolutely ticked off because I even have to attend some training thing on Saturday morning! Blech.

And of course the annoying person who shall not be named didn't even move a finger to keep what I left behind moving, even if I had left all the materials for him to use at arm's length. Since the deadline was moved, he decided to leave it all to me and not help out at all. I hope he trips and sprains his ankle!!! (No, actually, I hope worse than that... but I'd rather not publish it here because it will only prove how evil I really am...)

Decided to take the MRT to Shangri-La today... One of the trains was busted, so there was a really long wait as we slowly packed together like sardines in the station. I was lucky enough to have arrived at the mall before the doors closed. Called my dad inviting him to watch a movie with me but he was far away and couldn't make it. Boyfriend couldn't make it either as he had some errands to do. So I decided to just go home (because I didn't really feel like watching by myself and I was tired anyways)... Alas, the driver got stuck in heavy traffic and there was a really long boring wait for me because when I got to Tower Records it was already closed.

What a horrible day. *SIGH*

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