Monday, October 25, 2004

an interesting morning

Well, I left my ID in the car, so I had to wear a visitor's pass and my name got listed down. Huhu. I was a prisoner in my own office, I had to wait for people or borrow their IDs just to get out of the door. But well, here's why I ended up leaving the ID in the car...

There was something wrong with the clutch, so we were going really slowly. Anyway, the clutch totally went crazy and didn't want to work so we ended up causing a horrible traffic jam as we found ourselves stalled right in the middle of on of the intersection's on Makati Avenue. We even almost got into an accident because the only gear that worked was the one that allowed us to go in reverse. Good thing we were kind of near the Petron station, so we got to park the car there.

'Yun lang naman. It was so weird being stuck there in the middle, feeling so helpless and all. :P

Oh well... The day went pretty well, just came home from watching House of Flying Daggers, which I liked. Goodnight! :)

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