Thursday, September 16, 2004

muscles, earthquakes, and everything else in between

Just spent the whole day at Pagsanjan, Laguna (talk about far) for a team building session with the client. Had to wake up at 3 am. Huhuhu. And silly me even played badminton last night. Thing is, I haven't had exercise in so many weeks, so now my muscles are so darn painful. I had so much fun though, even if we got drenched under the raining sky. I miss training. *Sigh* So nice to be working with people all the time... especially when you see them doing something different and enjoying themselves.

There was a shallow quake at 310 am today, and well, timing of all timings, I was doing number two when it happened! Sheesh. What a horrible thought dying while doing number two. Thank God it wasn't an extremely strong quake. It was strong enough to wake some light sleepers though, and things really shook here at home and the dogs all started barking in unison. :p

I'm going to be late tomorrow. And there's nothing they can do about it.

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