Monday, August 09, 2004

baby nephew

I saw my baby nephew for the first time yesterday. He's such a cutie! He smiles at everyone... such a pleasant little baby! I shall be posting a picture of him soon... My arms are so painful! I was carrying him for a long time yesterday... He's so BIG for a 4-month old! I found it so strange that my brother would bring his baby along. But when I met my nephew, I could tell that he wasn't very difficult to take care of. But poor little baby has the sniffles so he kept waking up because he couldn't breathe properly. :(

Friday night was a blast! Ha, I haven't really gotten drunk in a while... No wait, I was kinda drunk pala last week. Haha! :P DO NOT get drunk on red wine especially if you need to go to work the following morning. LOL. This week I was introduced to a drink called Jagermeister. Some herbal thing that tastes like cough syrup. 35% alcohol content! The bottle is sold with these little plastic test tubes you're supposed to drink from. I had around 10, plus about a glass of Bailey's. Harhar. Surprisingly though, I wasn't as drunk as I had expected to be...


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