Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Where did 2013 go?

Merry Christmas, Everyone!  :)

It's funny that I stopped posting anything after my Puerto Princesa trip when in fact a lot has happened since then.  I've been super busy at work and weekends (Saturdays, especially) are reserved for the boyfriend - but I really think I should get back into the habit of taking time to post once in a while.  The only writing I do now is for work!  I should start reading too...  I have a lot of nice books here which I haven't gotten around to picking up - shame on me!

I just did some spring cleaning here in my room and finally got around to disposing some old cassette tapes. Yes, you read that right - CASSETTE TAPES. They've obviously been lying around my room for the longest time.  And yes, I'm that old.  Remember using the caps of pens to rewind them? My niece can't relate.  She called it "primitive" when I tried to demonstrate it to her once.

Anyway, I really hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmases with their families as much as I did.  I'm also looking forward to the upcoming New Year long weekend! We'll be spending it in Batangas as we have in previous years.  Enjoy the rest of 2013 and may you find meaning in the year that was... Cheers!  Here's to 2014 and what lies in store...

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