Sunday, September 23, 2012

UPDATE (15 Dec '12): Sting Back to Bass Tour

You don't have to put on the red light!

To our advantage, there was something wrong with the way the seatplan was drawn.  We were not behind Sting and there was no obstruction.  The concert was absolutely AWESOME.  It was too bad the boyfriend wasn't with us, but my good friend from high school was with us and we just had a blast!!!  At 61, Sting absolutely rocks - and he has amazing arms too!

UPDATE (30 Nov '12):

Since Ovation Productions would not change our seats nor were they able to find a way to refund us, we requested for assurance via email that our view would not be obstructed from the section where we are seated.  I am so complaining to the Department of Trade and Industry if this is not true.

Anyway, focusing on the positive side of things, at least my siblings and I are still watching the Sting concert.

UPDATE (15 Nov '12):

So my worst fear came true and they're assigning us to a very ugly section of Araneta.  I'm on a mission to have these seats changed, otherwise - request for a refund.  I already made a scene the other day at Araneta and am planning to visit the office of Ovation Productions today to give them a piece of my mind.  They have not handled this well at all.

There really is something wrong with the whole system.  Ticket refund period came before the exchanges, and they already started selling new tickets while still in the process of finalizing the exchanges.  It's just not right.  Read all about the lousy ticket exchange mechanics here.

I prepared a before and after comparison of the exchange.  I have watched a number of concerts at Araneta and know for a fact that the view is obstructed from the section they are trying to place us in.  There are huge speakers on the side.  And we didn't buy tickets early to be placed directly at the side of the stage.  This is sheer madness.

UPDATE (22 Oct '12):

To support the protest against the cutting of pine trees by SM Baguio, Sting asked organizers to transfer the venue of his concert to Smart-Araneta Coliseum from the MOA Arena.  Read more about it on Rappler.

According to the official statement on the move on Sting's website:
Fans who had previously purchased a reserved seat ticket will receive a reserved ticket for the new venue. Reserved seat tickets have been carefully reassigned so that fans that had a reserved ticket at the MOAA will receive a comparable reserved ticket in the new venue.

I hope it's true and we don't get assigned ugly seats.  Tickets may be exchanged starting 25 October 2012 (Thursday) until 18 November 2012 (Sunday) at a special window at the Ticketnet Office at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum.


Will finally have an opportunity to catch Sting live!  And since he's been around for so long, my siblings, nephews, and niece will be watching too.  Kool.  It will also be my first time inside the SM Mall of Asia Arena.  Based on some pictures I've seen online, the seats are elevated (Thank God!) - which is always a concern for us vertically challenged folk.

You may purchase tickets from SM Tickets.  There's a PhP 50.00 charge for each ticket purchased online, but it's really convenient because you get to select your seats already and pay via credit card.  It's a relatively painless process, I guess I just had a hard time a bit earlier today because I assume a lot of people were accessing the site.  I suggest you get your tickets now because some sections are already sold out!


gladzalwayshappy said...

Ack I want to watch tuloy.... :-( I hope I heard it wrong but they said it's already sold out.

moonpool said...

Hmm... haven't heard anything about it being sold out. Why don't you check :)