Monday, January 09, 2012

pole dancing

So I finally tried it out.  The truth is, it wasn't so much the strength required to do the lifts that I struggled with, but the PAIN from my skin rubbing against the pole.  My skin still hurts from trying to stick to dear life to that pole.  Noticed that some girls in the class had bruises (pasa) all over certain parts of their legs, especially the newbies.  But well -- no pain, no gain.  The instructor's body was so beautifully sculpted, so I'm still pondering on whether this is something I want to do regularly since I've seen the results.  I also want to try that striptease class.  I've always had two left feet, but since people were so supportive I had lots of fun.

UPDATE: I attended Cardio Striptease and Zumba classes last week... Of the two, I enjoyed Zumba more.  I think I'm gonna go again tomorrow...  So tired after!!!


Lei said...

Go for the striptease! Less bruises from the pole and may be quite more useful. :P

moonpool said...

Hihi... Useful... :P


@lei, hahaha. naughty naughty naughty :) but you have a point. Good luck moonpool on your dancing adventures :)

gladzalwayshappy said...

Naaaxxxx!!!!! Yeah strip dancing is less painful.... It's actually fun though.... Especially for bridal showers. Hahahaha!