Thursday, September 29, 2011

cars don't like me

I lost another windshield wiper blade in less than 6 months! It just came off! And like the last time, it happened as I was driving along a major street so I couldn't stop to retrieve it. At least this time it happened on the passenger's and not the driver's side. What's up with that? :P

Oh, and that same morning (as typhoon Pedring lashed out on us), I thought I ran over another nail. Good thing it was just a tiny rock lodged in between the grooves. Thanks for the super helpful drivers at the parking lot who spotted it!

I don't think cars like me very much. :|


neurospaceman said...

well it's more like the wipers don't like you rather than the cars themselves. heh :D

moonpool said...

Yeah, they don't like me so much they need to dislodge themselves from the cars I drive. :|