Thursday, September 16, 2010

spicy ketchup

While I was having my ulam burger this morning I of course placed a whole lot of ketchup on it... but something was wrong with the usual Del Monte Sweet Blend ketchup... it seemed quite spicy.

I stared at the bottle for the longest time. I read the ingredients. "Spices". I wondered if someone made a mistake and added too much of the spice. :P I looked for the expiration date but couldn't find it. Do tomatoes get spicy when they rot? But I seemed fine, my tummy wasn't feeling funky or anything.

Towards the end of the meal, I asked Yaya to taste the spicy ketchup. Confeermed. I wasn't just imagining it. She said it was spicy. She stared at the bottle and tried looking for the expiration date too...

Suddenly my dad butts in: Ay, ni-refill ko 'yung bote ng mga galing dun sa mga pakete ng McDo at Jollibee... Kaso may nasama na isang hot sauce eh. Nagkamali ako... Sorry! Masyado bang maanghang?

Uhm, mejo!!! :S


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Moonpool! :)

Lei said...

Haha. I love Daddy! He's so funny.

Uy. ;)

moonpool said...

Are you having an affair with my father??? LOL. Labo.

Hoy Anonymous, I know who you are!