Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh Nano, Nano, you drive me crazy...

Yay, my brother gave me an iPod Nano (5th Generation). I love it! It's super light... It's weird though because it has a video camera but no still camera. Hihi. I read somewhere that the processor for the video camera is smaller than that of the still camera? Thinner, I mean. Well, whatever. I have a free music player. Yay! And it has a radio! Double yay! :D

I also got me a +Simplism Starter Pack which includes a wall charger, silicon case, neck strap, film protector, screen cleaner, among other important accessories. :P

Now I want my Nintendo Wii... HEHE!


Lei said...

Nice! :) I want an iPhone. LOL.

moonpool said...

LOL. Hihi. I want them all. :P