Monday, May 03, 2010

everybody wants to rule the world

What a fun concert! To think, we got our tickets a month in advance but we were at the side.

Oh well, I'm still super happy I went even if I had to drive and struggle to find parking for almost 2 hours that day because some people were rallying along EDSA. :P I even had a midterm that morning so it was an extremely stressful day. Hihi.

I have no idea why the front acts were Sandwich and Pupil. Sandwich started with an original, but the crowd really enjoyed when they started playing The Cure (Just Like Heaven) and Morrissey (Panic) covers. Pupil just kept playing original songs and people just wanted them to get it over with so Tears for Fears could start playing. (It could have just been my personal feeling though. Hihi.)

Some of the songs they played: Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Mad World, Sowing the Seeds of Love, Billy Jean (cover), Pale Shelter, Break It Down Again, Head Over Heels, Woman in Chains, Shout.

The energy level was amazing and Araneta was so full! Super fun and worth it.


Lei said...

Yay!!! :P

gladzalwayshappy said...

80's blast from the past!

Mike Barrientos said...

Watched this one too! Wasn't familiar with all the songs but it was great. Completely agree with your opinion of the front acts. Imagine if you were to have seen it from the front =) Just gloating, er, teasing... - Mike Barrientos

moonpool said...

I hate you, Mike!!! You should have given your seat to me! Hahaha.

Mike Barrientos said...

I was in front all right, and able to touch the rafters =)

moonpool said...

I hate you, Mike!!!