Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Austin Powers Suite

I saw the Austin Powers Suite for the first time over the weekend. Eenteresting. Hopefully the next bridal shower I attend will have a stripper. Never been to one with a stripper. Hihi. I was a bit hesitant to go at first because I had no one to go with, but I'm glad I went and got over the fact that I had to drive on over there, park in the middle, and walk to the room. LOL.

Before I left the house...
Dad: I thought you were going to wear a costume.
Me: Yeah, I have it with me.
Dad: Where are you going to change?
Mom: In the hotel.
Me: No mom, I'm going to a motel.



rach said...


Victoria Court ba ito? hehehehe...
Bagay ngang may stripper sa cage.


moonpool said...

Yup, Victoria Court. Hihi.

Lei said...

Yeah, baby, yeah! LOL.