Tuesday, September 29, 2009

semi-funny typhoon stories

My sister's house is much higher than most of the houses in the area, so they were pretty confident the flood wouldn't go inside their house.

Once in a while, neighbors would ask my sister's household helper how they were faring and if water had already entered their house.

They didn't really have to ask us anymore because it was evident from our gate that water had already entered the house early on.

Towards the end of Saturday, as the water level just kept rising in the area, water finally went into their house too.

So when my sister's helper told the neighbor that water had finally entered the house, my sister heard someone shouting outside:

"Yehey! Walang pinapatawad!"

LOL. I bet they were all just waiting for it to happen. Haha. :S

My brother hasn't lost his sense of humor (though he practically lost all of his cars and *almost* lost his house).

He is thankful that he got a free workout clearing out all the mud today. Never felt more exhausted daw. :S

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